Gifts that give back
to the community

Original gift items with a social responsibility subtext. Born out of love for the region and respect for the community in a Krnov-based art workshop 

Since 2008, Chrpa in Krnov has been making gifts that bring double joy: they will make someone happy and give back to the community.

Most of Chrpa’s employees are people with disabilities. The art workshop provides them with the opportunity to develop their skills and to make a meaningful contribution to society. 

In the workshop, they engrave and hand paint on porcelain, glass, wood, textiles and metal and create everything from original tin mugs to designer towels to gift packages with delicacies.

Wherever possible, Chrpa strives to be exclusively regional and sources materials and services from local suppliers. They sort and recycle carefully, use recyclable toners and inks and environmentally friendly technologies.

With Chrpa, you are giving a gift that is nice to look at and also helps changes things for the better.

Chrpa products:
· glass · pottery · candles · gift items ·