Original gifts
with embroidery

Inventive gifts for everyday use. Handmade in Rumburk from quality materials by Czech producers.

Laura Šicová knows one thing: people like to be creative, play and express themselves. So why not inspire them and give them the opportunity to translate their creations into practical things they can use every day?

And so the FYA brand started. They sew placemats, storage pockets, blankets, napkins, aprons and bags with original embroidery which Laura custom-makes either for a single product or for an entire collection. Thank to that, the products made in Rumburk, North Bohemia, are absolutely unique. Those who do not want to design their own image can choose from among one of the prepared motifs.

At FYA, everything is handmade with emphasis placed on functionality and use in everyday life. The fabrics are sourced from Czech producers and certified companies and quality is also crucial for the embroidery and sewing threads.

FYA’s embroidered pieces will bring joy to any home, but they also make very original gifts.

FYA products:
· placemats · aprons · napkins · bags · blankets ·