Finding the balance between city and nature, technology and tradition.

PÁR embodies everything that entertains and surrounds us. From music and art to design, architecture, and the joys of travel. PÁR is a responsible Czech brand from Prague, crafting shoes from premium materials while thoughtfully considering design, functionality, and sustainability.

Behind PÁR are Jan Kloss and Darina Zavadilová, who have long been active in the design and fashion scene, both locally and internationally. A cornerstone of the brand is friendly cooperation and the sharing of know-how. For instance, PÁR sneakers were developed in collaboration with Czech designer Eliška Horčíková, and the PÁR stuff collection of accessories is continuously created in partnership with various Czech authors, brands, and manufacturers. 


Thanks to the extra light and soft midsole made of microporous foam, the shoes offer natural comfort from the very first day of wear. They are ergonomic and also promote proper walking posture. The soles feature a functional pattern of dense lines contrasting with the shoe's minimalist silhouette, incorporating original illustrations by Jan Kloss and Matěj Činčera that depict both natural and urban landmarks of Prague and the Czech landscape, including both real and unrealized ones.

From the products themselves to their packaging and the interiors of the stores, a minimalist, zero-waste approach and simplified logistics are key. The goal is to offer the customer a durable product that remains enjoyable for a long time.