Can fragrance embody personality?

PIGMENTARIUM, the first Czech independent perfumery, has achieved this feat. Founded in 2018 by creative Tomáš Ric, inspired by the significant Czech cultural environment of the first half of the 20th century and Prague's spiritual history, it offers a contemporary interpretation of classical artistic and olfactory themes within an international context. 

Each perfume in the collection represents an original artistic expression, independent of current trends, characterized by high concentration and premium quality of scents, and collaboration with local craftsmen and artists. The complexity and high concentration of the fragrances allow for an evolving scent experience over hours or even days, uniquely adapting to its wearer. This adaptability suggests that the fragrances dress the wearer's personality. 

Alongside each scent, PIGMENTARIUM closely associates an original art or applied art project, enriching the fragrance experience with artistic photographs, marble sculptures, experimental short films, rare wood objects, or original porcelain, as well as interior scents and related art objects.