natural body care

100% Czech and 100% natural cosmetics from Františkovy Lázně. Made from the purest ingredients with respect for the environment and the needs of the skin at any age. 

Pure cosmetics with the characteristic name of Kvetu (Czech for blooming) were born in the spa region of West Bohemia. In Františkovy Lázně, they believe that all skin can bloom. All you need is the best care: coming from the most basic, highest-quality and verified resources.  

And Kvetu stands by its sources: the ingredients for its cosmetics are 100% natural and gentle on the skin at any age. They include calendula, which our grandmothers used to collect, exotic guarana with its beneficial effects on memory and concentration, and many others. You will find them in products that care for the body both from the outside and the inside: a face cream with Damask rose, an herbal hand balm or a treatment to boost immunity and energy. 

No artificial substances or chemicals can be found either in the products or during the production process: the brand always chooses the greener path, even though it may be more complicated or take longer. Because the result – cosmetics which bring everyone relaxation and spa-like quality care – is worth it.

Respect for the planet and a commitment to long-term sustainability are also expressed in the packaging of their products and through volunteer activities that give back to the Czech landscape. Quality yet affordable cosmetics combine everything you would expect from natural care.   

Kvetu products:
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