Pure cosmetics with a belief in minimalism and the power of nature

Natural Czech cosmetics made from the finest ingredients. Created with respect for the environment and without unnecessary chemicals, words or ovations in Hradec Králové.   

Onest, 100% natural cosmetics, are made from A to Z in the Czech Republic. The brand name speaks for itself: everything they do at Onest is honest and sincere.

Everything from formula design to production to photographs of the final products is done locally and with the help of local suppliers: this is the only way to maintain not only their commitment to long-term sustainability, but also the quality they pride themselves in.  

Believing that beauty begins within and that less is more, the brand takes great care in the composition of its products. Forget about parabens, silicones, fragrances and other artificial ingredients. Onest cosmetics are completely natural and contain herbs from the Czech basin, algae from the Pyrenees, plants from Africa and oil from the South Korean island of Jeju. Onest swears by the highest quality ingredients – from raw materials that we can read about in Baroque herbaria to the most progressive active ingredients with immediate and long-lasting effects. Even at the cost of having to wait a while.  

Mass production has no place at Onest. Products are made in small and always fresh batches by people who work with diligence, patience and love for their craft. And it is their honest approach and return to the roots that make these cosmetics from Hradec Králové timeless products, suitable for all skin types.

The packaging is simple and pure, just like the cosmetics products themselves. It is also designed in the Czech Republic and made exclusively from recyclable or fully degradable materials. Onest does not stop there either: they donate part of their profits to improving the quality of vegetation in the Czech Republic. What is taken from nature must also be returned.  

At Onest, they know that our bodies and skin do not need much, just the best. If this is your philosophy too, you have just found your new beauty brand. 

Onest products:
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